My First Time Cross Country Skiing

For the sake of trying new things… I thought I’d give cross country skiing a shot… because why not, right? My boyfriend and I watched a couple of youtube videos on how to do it- looked like easy enough. We went REI, rented their skis and selected our location- Lake Wenatchee State Park. We were stoked to have an adventure and try something new.

We headed out in the evening from Seattle, drove over the pass and finally reached the state park around 1030 p.m. There are two lots where you can park and camp, the north lot and the south lot – we chose the south lot. With the discovery pass, it’s an additional 20 dollars per vehicle per night to camp, unless you have the sno park pass. They have a warming hut that is available that is equipped with a wood burning stove and string lights if you need to warm up. if that doesn’t work, they’ve also got heated bathrooms as well.

We camped in our car, as we usually do in the winter, and woke up to some extremely cold, crisp air at 7 a.m. We turned on the jetboil and made us a packet of Mountain House eggs and bacon and some Starbucks instant coffee. Yum!

Getting ready for some breakfast, all that is needed is a jetfoil, dehydrated food, instant coffee, and water.

Lake Wenatchee has some pretty sweet trails that are groomed for cross country skiing and they also have some trails for snowshoeing as well. There are few paths that are an option, we opted for moderate one since we were beginners. There are signs posted for the trails and where it leads to, so it’s not too difficult to navigate.

It was overcast in the morning, but the day was still bright from all of the fresh snow from the night before. For the most part, the terrain was pretty flat although there were a good amount of hills. This was probably the hardest part, not going up but coming down, trying not to wipe was pretty difficult and the youtube videos made it look a lot easier than in real life. But who knows, I could just be super uncoordinated.

But anyway, the views were definitely worth it, The trail goes off from the parking lot and weaves in and out of the trees and eventually gives you a few views of the lake. Lake Wenatchee had this calmness with a stunning reflection of the treeline.

We completed about 2 miles of trail, ate shit about 5 different times (all trying to go downhill) it’s much safer to just take your skis off and walk down the hill than to risk slamming into a tree because they are everywhere.

Even the sun decided to come out to play!

The only bummer was that the lake was not frozen, but it was still beautiful! But I did make a new friend along the way…

The lesson learned from this new experience is that it’s okay to not be the best, it’s okay to not get it down right away. Just enjoy the process even if you come out with a few bruises!

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