Lets T​alk About the Food in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Since we basically ate our way through Buenos Aires I took the liberty to curate a list of restaurants and places to eat while we were there. I had about 50 restaurants on my list and we didn’t get to all of them, probably not even half, it’s more like a quarter of the list. BUT, we did pick out some pretty sweet spots, so I’m just going to narrow it down to my top two. 

La Carniceria – Palermo

If you’re a meat lover then this place is for you. La Carniceria is located in the Palermo district and it is PHENOMENAL. Yes, I said it, it’s a pretty phenomenal experience there. We made the mistake of not making reservations (you should definitely make reservations) and we waited in line to be picked like we were on the price is right and we got lucky. We were sat at this tiny little table in the middle of the restaurant. The place itself is pretty small, maybe 10 tables or so and a few seats at the bar. The place has a smokiness to it, considering it is a steakhouse and it just had this farm ranch vibe to it. 

Now, lets get to the food… 

So we both ordered the same thing and it’s just like this whopping 2 pound slab of meat that’s bigger than my face. They also give you the world’s smallest side serving of mashed potatoes and one cauliflower, and I’m not even mad about it.

We both had our steaks medium rare because the steak is just so thick so that’s as cooked as it’s going to get.

It’s an insane amount of meat…

They cook their steaks right in front of you on the grill and you can watch the grill master do his magic.

This restaurant will always be at the top of the list for me. It’s delicious with amazing service and it’s so incredibly cheap. We had a bottle of wine, an appetizer, two steaks, and dessert for a total of 55 dollars. You can not beat that anywhere! This place is a must!

Casa Cavia – Palermo

Casa Cavia is the cutest little spot with this quaint glam feel to it. It’s tucked away on a side street and the outside of building blends in with the rest, so if you’re not looking for it, it’s easily missable.

You walk in and follow the host to your table and it is just this delightful outdoor patio with greenery everywhere and a fountain in the center. It’s got quite the view.  Not to mention this cute little place also has a bookstore, a garden and a gift shop, it’s the ultimate one-stop shop.

The view from our table

According to our server, we came at the perfect time, their theme for the summer menu was music inspired. The details of this theme were done with so much creativity, from the menu cover to the drink items themselves, it deserves a round of applause. The menu was made to be a record sleeve and the record was the drink menu. Each drink was inspired by a musician and their palate.

When ordering, you can choose from a number of items, a two-course meal (including a glass of wine). You have the choice of an appetizer and an entree or an entree and dessert for about 600 pesos. In addition, they bring you a delictable little pre-appetizer snack from their garden. 

Roasted onions with edible flowers from the Casa Cavia garden

It just keeps getting better from there…

Appetizer- Grilled prawns with avocados 
Salmon quinoa salad

A few other places I would recommend are:

Tio Felipe’s in San Telmo

Gluck in San Telmo

Little Bar in San Telmo

Academia Della Pizza in Palermo

La Rambla in Recoleta

Che Taco in San Telmo

If you have the opportunity, check these places out because they are definitely worth it! 


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