Must See Places in Buenos Aires

Upon our visit to the beautiful country of Argentina, I thought I’d share with you all my favorite things I did while we were there. All the sites were accessible via Sube and walking… LOTS of walking, but it’s good for you.. right!? We spent the whole day in each area to give ourselves plenty of time to enjoy everything without rushing. 


  1. Rosedal de Palermo – This gorgeous fountain is located in the Rosedal Gardens in Palermo. Upon the free entry, is a bright red rock pathways that lead to beautiful statues with a brief history story, then the path continues on to an even more stunning rose garden.  
Statues at the Rosedal de Palermo
Rose Garden at Rosedal Palermo

It’s a pretty big area so you can spend quite some time there. Filled with fountains, bright red rocks, tall trees and a stunning variety of roses, you’ll absolutely lose track of time and you can watch the pedal boats go by in the canal.

Also in Palermo, you can walk a few blocks to the Planetarium, it’s small but fun. It costs about 50 pesos= 1.50ish USD to get in per person and you get about an hour. Inside they have a robot,  4D and virtual reality interactions you can do, it’s a fun little stop along the way.

2. Recoleta Cemetery – Although it may seem a little strange to visit a cemetery, it’s definitely a must. As you walk in, you are just surrounded by some of the most exquisite and detailed work will you ever see. Some of these date back to the late 1800s and it soon becomes quite obvious who the larger mausoleums belong to (doctors, political leaders, military leaders, etc). It can be very overwhelming because you don’t where to begin and there are just SO many, everywhere. Every turn and corner has another row of mausoleums, some are even stacked on top of each other. They do have English speaking and Spanish speaking guides available (unsure about the cost) to tell the stories that lie within the beautiful stones. 

Entrance inside of the Recoleta Cemetery

3. Recoleta – El Ateneo Grand Splendid Bookstore located in Recoleta is not too far from the cemetery, we opted to walk, it was like 10 blocks. This bookstore was built in 1919 as theatre, that turned into one of the most magnificent bookstores I have ever step foot inside. 

With three balcony levels filled with books of every genre, beaming lights, a ceiling covered with stunning artwork,  and the stage converted into a cafe, it is a book lover’s best dream. 

4. Palermo- Teatro Colon is a jaw-dropping theatre where ballets, symphonies, and operas are held. The detail and handwork put into the original building and its restoration is marvelous. We weren’t lucky enough to see a show because it sells out so quick but we were able to get a guided tour (for about 35 USD/person). All materials were imported from all over the world back in 1889, the majority of the imports were from Italy, which is why it has a classic European look to it. During the restoration, everything was restored bit by bit all by hand. 

5. San Telmo Streets – I know it sounds weird that I’m recommending just walking the streets of a neighbor, but there’s so much that San Telmo has to offer. Take a stroll and remember to look up, atop the buildings are statues and figures. and it’s something you don’t want to miss.  Even their street art is damn good.

Now moving on to the good stuff..

The Plaza De Mayo, this brightly pink building with the country’s flag flowing in the wind is definitely something to admire. 

Plaza De Mayo in San Telmo

Take a short walk down towards the canal and you’ll hit the Cultural center (it was under construction while we were there so we only got to see the outside.) 

Cultural Centre in San Telmo

But don’t stop there! Keep walking and you’ll reach the canal where you’ll find two floating museums (old vessels) that you can explore for 20 pesos/person! 

Last but not least! Cross the canal on the Puente de la Mujer, also known as the Women’s bridge. This asymmetrical modern work of art happens to be a footbridge and a swing bridge as well. 

Puente de la Mujer in San Telmo
Cliche travel photo on the Women’s bridge

Along the canal, there are plenty of restaurants and bars and a shopping center. You can do it all and spend all the pesos you got! Make an entire day out of it! My list could go on and on of the places and things everyone should see if they ever get the chance to go to Buenos Aires but then it’d take you like 2 hours to read this post. So instead, I’ve condensed it to some of the amazing things that we enjoyed during our stay.


Stay Tuned, for my next post will on where to eat in Buenos Aires! 

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