Good-To-Know Tips for Buenos Aires


We recently took a trip to the beautiful city of Buenos Aires in Argentina and boy did we have the time of our lives. We spent 10 days eating and drinking our way through the town! We found an Airbnb for 30 USD/night and had a budget of 60 USD/day each. We found it to be more than enough money.

Before I get too far ahead of myself, here are some pointers I wish I had known before my trip:

  1. Buenos Aires has an app (BA Turismo) that you can download and use offline to help guide you around the city. (It’s extremely helpful, so I highly suggest it).
  2. If you’re not a Spanish-speaking expert, download the Google Translate app and download the Spanish dictionary offline. This helps you translate any signs that are in Spanish. Just click on the camera image in the app, take a photo of the image and it translates immediately. This also helps with any language barriers!
  3. Speaking of Google, downloading google maps (while connected to wifi) of the entire Buenos Aires area is also really helpful for navigating if you don’t have an international phone plan or you’re not connected to Wifi.
  4. If you bring a backpack, use a lock. Theft is a pretty big thing there especially if you’re a tourist. We used this:

5. I also recommend the Eagle Creek RFID waist pack instead of a purse, it’s pretty comfortable and you can just carry your essentials with you for the day without having to worry about your stuff or being robbed. All you really need is your ID, cash, and maybe a credit card. (Leave your passport at your hotel/apartment.)

6. Currency exchange! The best way to do currency exchange is either using the ATM or doing it at the EZE airport. There is the National Bank right outside of the security exit where you can exchange your currency for pesos. The bank will only accept crisp clean bills (no tears or ink marks) and the bigger the bill the better (100s and 20s). You could also use one of the Cambia Houses but I think this or an ATM is the safest way to do (you don’t get ripped off or fake pesos).

7. Airport transportation- The best(safest) way to get to your hotel/Airbnb from the airport would be with a Remise, it’s basically a car service and you won’t have to worry about getting ripped off. You can reserve one once you exit the secured area of the airport and from the airport to San Telmo for two people it was roughly 35 USD. On the way back to the airport we got a Remise as well through Remise VLZ, you fill out a form online and they email you back, our trip to the airport was about 40 bucks, but again it’s a lot safer than a taxi or bus. If you do need to use a taxi the safest one to use is RadioTaxi, they are marked and they are said to be safer and more trustworthy than the independent taxis. From what I’ve heard, Uber is still in the works of being legal in Argentina so it’s a use-at-your-risk type of situation.

8. Subway Transportation- We stayed in San Telmo, essentially the heart Buenos Aires with a subway within walking of their main subway (which they call the Sube by the way). The only place you can buy a Sube card is at the Sube station kiosk underground, it’s about 100 pesos (maybe less or more, just an estimate) and then you’ll have to load it after that. I think its about 12-15 pesos per a ride (which is basically nothing in USD) and you can share it with other people (if you’re traveling with multiple people). To get to areas like Palermo and Recoleta you can take the D line (Catedral) straight out of San Telmo to those areas.

9. SOAK UP THE CULTURE. Enjoy every minute of the beautiful city.



  1. Odette Destiny

    SUPER helpful tips on how to get around, ones I personally wouldnt have thought to look over before visiting! good description and recommendations! cant wait to see your next post and more pictures!


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